Certified Ethical Hacker Certification

EC Council CEH: Certified Ethical Hacker Certification

The EC Council CEH (Certified Ethical Hacker) certification is a vendor-neutral, mid-level credential designed for skilled professionals to reflect the latest developments in the domain and focus on hacking techniques and technology from an offensive perspective. A Certified Ethical Hacker is an experienced professional who can work with flaws and vulnerabilities in target systems, utilize that information, and use the same types of equipment as a malicious hacker legally and legitimately to evaluate the security position of target systems. The EC Council CEH certification certifies candidates in a particular system security regulation of Ethical Hacking from a vendor-neutral perspective. The EC Council CEH certification program authenticates the skills and knowledge of professionals in seven domains.

CEH exam domains are as follows:

  1. Background
  2. Analysis/Assessment
  3. Security
  4. Tools/Systems/Programs
  5. Procedures/Methodology
  6. Regulation/Policy
  7. Ethics

The EC Council CEH training program demonstrates mastery in common exploits, vulnerabilities using hacker techniques, and tools, and represents detailed contributions from security experts, academicians, industry practitioners, and the security community.

uCertify provides the study guide for the EC-Council CEH v10 exams. The course provides foundational knowledge and an in-depth understanding of how to deploy the tools and techniques needed to protect your network.

Requirements for EC-Council CEH Certification

Two years of work experience in the Information Security domain.

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