uCertify TESTPREP and uCertify PLAY is a simple and effortless way to deliver practice tests and Prep for the certification exams. This cloud-based, highly scalable solution can be used to quickly deliver test-prep to a browser or device (Android and iOS) anytime, anywhere.

uCertify TestPrep is highly configurable - TestPrep can be either formative or summative. For formative TestPrep, students receive feedback and reinforcement therefore improving their test-taking skills and strategies.

Educators, faculty members and administrators have access to a large number of useful reports. Support is baked into the platform, resulting in prompt support.

This solution comes ready for campus-wide adoption. uCertify TESTPREP offers a number of enrollment models including the ability to provide full LTI-based integration with major Learning Management Systems. In addition, your school administrator can batch enroll students.


uCertify Play– A gamified version of test prep

  • A gamified version of TestPrep that has a deep foundation in learning science.
  • uCertify Play helps students both retain and recall better by using randomization, mastery, and spaced learning.
  • It is built to meet the needs of today’s students and professionals who don’t have time to sit for 90-minute test sets.
  • Uses any of the 50+ item types including auto-graded performance items.
  • For formative tests, students receive feedback and reinforcement, therefore, improving their test-taking skills and strategies.
  • Available both as a standalone product and also as part of the uCertify course.
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