Zend PHP 5.5 Certification

Zend PHP 5.5 Certification

The Zend PHP 5.5 exam is intended to test an examinee's knowledge of PHP programming, PHP security, XML and Web services, streaming and network programming, and many more skills that are required in today's job market. The Zend PHP 5.5 certification exam mainly focuses on professionals' experience in PHP programming. The objective of the Zend Certification program is to enable PHP experts to become Zend Certified Engineers. Getting Zend Certified Engineer will improve your programming quality and it will undoubtedly enhance the odds of your resume emerging from among different candidates striving for a similar position. You must know the technologies that a PHP developer utilizes including databases and regular expressions for Zend PHP 5.5 certification.

The Zend PHP certification exam includes topics such as:

  • Arrays
  • Security
  • Functions
  • Web Features
  • Error Handling
  • Databases and SQL
  • Strings and Patterns
  • Data Format and Types
  • object-oriented Programming

Requirements for Zend PHP 5.5 Certification

There are no technical prerequisites for the certification exam.

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