AIBIZ Certification

AIBIZ™ Certification

CertNexus AIBIZ™ certification is the proof of candidates’ knowledge in Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, concepts, algorithms, and applications. The certification targets managers, business leaders, and other decision-makers who want to grow their business by using the power of AI. Other individuals who want to explore basic AI concepts can also apply for this certification. The certification gives candidates the essential knowledge of AI that they need to steer the business forward.

CertNexus AIBIZ certification exam objectives are as follows:

  • Model Handoff (10%)
  • Ethics and Oversight (5%)
  • Problem Formulation (25%)
  • Algorithm Selection and Model Training (35%)
  • Data Collection, Comprehension, Cleaning, and Engineering (20%)
  • Applied Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Business (5%)

The certification measures a candidate's skills and knowledge in the areas such as:

  • Identifying the impact that propagating biases has within AI
  • Developing and testing a hypothesis using experimental design
  • Selecting and implementing the appropriate techniques for a given ML problem
  • Formulating mathematical representations of business problems using domain insight
  • Planning, managing, train, and hand offing an ML model as part of a (software) solution

uCertify offers a study guide for the AIZ-110 certification exam. The AIBIZ exam training will help you understand the concepts covered in the artificial intelligence certification exam with its various learning resources.

Requirements for AIBIZ™ Certification

There are no formal prerequisites for the CertNexus AIBIZ certification exam.

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